A spring collaboration with...

Heidi will have some delightful new originals at Cabbages & Roses on the 24th, and will be on hand from midday until 7pm. 

Do drop by for a glass of bubbly and a chat!

Amongst a number of generous prizes being given away by Cabbages and Roses and other donors (including a membership to the Chelsea Physic Garden, no less!) is a limited edition giclee reproduction of Heidi's Cynara scolymus 'Violetta di Romagna', along with a certificate of authenticity.

About Cabbages & Roses

Cabbages & Roses was founded by ex Vogue girl Christina Strutt in 2000. 

It is an independent, family run business based in London which specialises in British made fashion, printed fabrics and lifestyle goods for the home.

The company was created to fulfil the need for something beautiful and practical to be incorporated into everyday living. 

The collections are unique, renowned for their British eccentricity and their focus on cosy, generous living.    

The Cabbages & Roses' flagship shop is based in Chelsea, London in a beautiful Georgian townhouse.  (The event will be held here in Sydney Street.)

The founders of the company feel that there is a need for unfussy design in the world, a need for a shop where mothers can take their daughters and both could leave the store with something to keep and cherish. 

British Fashion & Fabrics

C&R clothes are made by some of the most talented craftsmen in the UK. Uniqueness and comfort are always at the forefront of the development process. C&R works with local, independent suppliers who have unmatched expertise in their chosen field, from beautiful Scottish wool and hand made accessories to hand laid coats and dresses made in limited quantities.

The fabrics are all printed in the South East of England using a combination of methods, depending on the effect desired. C&R have been making fabrics since the start of the company and use both traditional printing methods and digital printing to achieve the very specific look Cabbages & Roses is known for.

The wallpapers are made in Northern England, printed on machines over 100 years old which gives texture, warmth and a perfect companion to our fabric collections.