Schinus, Campsis, Pyracantha

Schinus molle ~ Peppercorn tree

Campsis radicans ~ Trumpet vine

Pyracantha coccinea ~ Firethorn


29.7cm x 42cm

Watercolour on Fabriano Artistico extra white cotton rag 300gsm

These pendulous flowers were composed to set off the characteristics of one another. The greens are markedly different in these three species, with the Pyracantha shiny and intense, the Campsis soft and mid-green, and the Schinus olive-blue and dry.

The Campsis branch is at the end stage of flowering, showing the nodules from which previous bunches of flowers have bloomed and died. The Pyracantha is worthy of close inspection as a shrub, with its spiky stems and beautiful berries. This one is more orange in tone than red - the orange toning is more common in Jordan, where it was painted.

While the base shrub grows upright, the branch often draft downwards, particularly once they have the full weight of berries. This made it a perfect partner for a pendulous composition.